The instructions in this document do not apply if you are running the BeagleLogic System Image. You can directly proceed to Making your first capture

BeagleLogic has a simple installation script that can be used to install it on a clean BeagleBone Debian Image.


Only provided Debian images are natively supported. If you are using a customized system image build using buildroot or OpenEmbedded, additional steps will be required to complete installation.

Use the following commands:

cd <directory-to-install-beaglelogic-in>
git clone
cd BeagleLogic
sudo ./

It is recommended to install BeagleLogic in /opt/BeagleLogic but because it is not accessible by the default user, some extra steps are needed:

cd /opt
sudo git clone
sudo chown -R debian:debian /opt/BeagleLogic
cd BeagleLogic
sudo ./

Replace ‘debian’ with your own username in case you are not using the default user on the system.

Upgrading an existing installation

Do the following:

cd <path-to-installed-BeagleLogic>
git pull
sudo ./ --upgrade


You can read the file and the scripts directory for details on how BeagleLogic is installed, or if you want to manually tweak or customize any aspect of the installation.