Making your first capture

Follow the steps below to make your first capture using BeagleLogic.

Assuming you are running the BeagleLogic system image and you have booted up, and BeagleLogic device is available at ‘/dev/beaglelogic’

Using dd

Simply do:

dd if=/dev/beaglelogic of=myfile.bin bs=1M size=20

This will capture 20MB worth logic data (20MSamples if you are in the 8-bit mode and 10MSamples if you are in 16-bit mode)

To modify the sample rate, and other aspects of the capture, go to sysfs attributes Reference

Using sigrok


sigrok-cli -d beaglelogic:logic_channels=8 -c samplerate=10M --samples 10M -o

To switch between 8-bit mode and 16-bit mode, replace 8 with 14 (maximum 14 channels are possible)

The other switches are self-explanatory. This command captures 10MSamples at 10MSamples/second and saves it into a file ‘’. The is a sigrok-specific file format that can be downloaded and opened in the PulseView software.